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InStore @ Lost & Found Records: The Angels

img_7902My Boyfriend’s Back

Smash Records (MGS 27039) 1963

Originally named The Starlets, Jersey band The Angels were part of the early ’60s wave of American girl groups. The Starlets had a few early regional hits and mostly contributed backing vocals for other artists in the studio. After a series of personnel changes and lack of any meaningful success in the music business, original members Barbara and Phyllis Allbut went back to school.

As luck would have it, producer Gerry Granahan, who originally had rejected the band, decided to give them … Continue

In-Store @ Lost & Found: The Supremes

Lost & Found RecordsMeet the Supremes

(Motown Stereo MT-606, S-606)

And we’re not talking about the highest court in the U.S.

Tracked in 1960-61, and originally released in Mono in 1962, Meet the Supremes was The Supremes debut record. Most of the LP features the quartet of teenagers originally known as the the Primettes – Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard, and Barbara Martin – but by the time of the original release and name change, Martin had left the band. Although her vocals remain on the tracks, she was not included in … Continue

InStore @ Lost & Found Records: Booker T. & the M.G.s

Up Tight!

(Stax STS2006, January 1969)

Lost & Found Records - Up Tight!

New to the bins at Lost & Found Records, today’s featured “InStore” is the soundtrack to the film Uptight.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Booker T. & the M.G.s initially came together to provide backing music for recording artists on the Stax label. They were propelled to the top of the charts in their own right with an organ riff they came up with between sessions one day. That riff became “Green Onions” (1962).

In 1968 Booker T. Jones was asked to score the … Continue

InStore @ Lost & Found Records: Ronny and the Daytonas


(Sundazed reissue BR 119, 2000)

Lost & Found RecordsNashville… the land-locked home of country music. Not a hotbed for surf and hotrod-influenced rock ‘n roll. And yet, Nashville produced some of the coolest surf/hotrod sounds of the ’60s in Ronny and the Daytonas.

The band was built around John Wilkin, who’s mother was Marijohn Wilkin, a successful Nashville songwriter. He wrote the first single, “G.T.O.,” while still in high school. Thru family connections he picked up a publishing deal and cut the tune with local Nashville studio musicians. The tune made it … Continue

InStore @ Lost & Found Records: Silver Metre

Silver Metre
(National General Records NG-2000, 1969)

Lost & Found RecordsFormed in 1969 by guitar slingers Leigh Stephens (recently from Blue Cheer) and Mick Waller (recently from the Jeff Beck Group), Silver Metre was a short-lived San Francisco rock band and this self-titled LP is their only release. The band also included bassist/keyboardist Pete Sears, who went on to play on several classic Rod Stewart albums (including Gasoline Alley and Every Picture Tells a Story) and was a member of both Jefferson Airplane and Starship. Jack Reynolds was the vocalist.

Recorded at … Continue

InStore @ Lost & Found Records: Badfinger

Magic Christian Music

(Apple ST-3364 (U.S.), 1970)

Lost & Found RecordsThey were supposed to be the next Beatles. They had everything going for them: signed to Apple Records in 1968, the McCartney-penned tune “Come and Get It” put them on the map. They shoulda been huge.

But ’70s power pop band Badfinger was star-crossed. The relationship with Apple disintegrated as the label crumbled. A disastrous contract with Warner and an unscrupulous manager tore the band apart and led to the suicide of songwriter and front man Pete Ham in 1975 at the age … Continue