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Local and Regional Releases InStock at Lost & Found Records

It’s time for another installment of local and regional gems in the bins at Lost & Found Records.

First up…


The White Animals
Nashville Babylon
(Dread Beat, 1981)

IMG_6445Indie before “indie” was a thing, Nashville band The White Animals debut EP, Nashville Babylon, found early success on college radio. The record consists of six tracks, two of which are covers: the Yardbirds “For Your Love,” and The Nashville Teens’ “Tobacco Road.” The remaining songs are fine examples of early southern new wave pop and rock & roll.


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Local and Regional Releases In-Stock at Lost & Found Records

Tennessee has an incredible music tradition, and it ain’t all country music, either. Sure, Nashville gets all the attention, but if you dig a little deeper, you can find all kinds of sounds made by all kinds of people all over the state.

Lost & Found Records features a Local/Regional section in the store and from time to time we’re going to highlight some cool stuff you might find there.

Fer instance…

The Used to Be: Shameless Self Destruction
(Wrecked ’em Records, 2004)

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