InStore @ Lost & Found Records: Ronny and the Daytonas


(Sundazed reissue BR 119, 2000)

Lost & Found RecordsNashville… the land-locked home of country music. Not a hotbed for surf and hotrod-influenced rock ‘n roll. And yet, Nashville produced some of the coolest surf/hotrod sounds of the ’60s in Ronny and the Daytonas.

The band was built around John Wilkin, who’s mother was Marijohn Wilkin, a successful Nashville songwriter. He wrote the first single, “G.T.O.,” while still in high school. Thru family connections he picked up a publishing deal and cut the tune with local Nashville studio musicians. The tune made it to #4 on the Billboard Top Singles charts in 1964, sold over a million copies, and was awarded a gold record. The rest of the album was recorded shortly thereafter and released on Mala. A second single,”Bucket T,” made it to #54 on the Billboard charts later that year.

The Sundazed reissue is 16 songs… 12 from the original plus four bonus tracks, two on each side). John Wilkin wrote most of them, either solo or co-written, and the record includes Chuck Berry tune, “Back in the U.S.A.”

Listen to the title cut on Spotify. Then come by Lost & Found Records and get your surf on with Nathan.