Local and Regional Releases In-Stock at Lost & Found Records

Tennessee has an incredible music tradition, and it ain’t all country music, either. Sure, Nashville gets all the attention, but if you dig a little deeper, you can find all kinds of sounds made by all kinds of people all over the state.

Lost & Found Records features a Local/Regional section in the store and from time to time we’re going to highlight some cool stuff you might find there.

Fer instance…

The Used to Be: Shameless Self Destruction
(Wrecked ’em Records, 2004)

Lost & Found RecordsPre-SuperDrag they were The Used. Post-SuperDrag there was already another famous band named The Used, so the Knoxville superheros became The Used to Be. Recorded almost 10 years after the band ceased to exist, and ostensibly intended to give their original ’90s songs a proper release, Shameless Self Destruction features John Davis, Tom Pappas, Brandon Fisher, and Chris Hargrove re-creating their punk rock roots in 11 loud fast tunes.




Oh No Fiasco: self-titled
(self-release, 2011)

Lost & Found RecordsOh No Fiasco was a 5-piece band from Knoxville. Their self-titled debut release and captivating live performances positioned the band to tour with Seven Dust, 10 Years, and Saliva very early in their young career. Based on the powerful voice of Lindsey Stamey and the band’s energetic live performances, Oh No Fiasco drew plenty of comparisons to No Doubt during their 4 year existence.





Purple 7: Jewel Finger
(Purple 7 Industries, 2014)

Lost & Found RecordsThis record was filed with local/regional and we’re not really sure why other than they have a connection to the Magnetic South label in Bloomington, Indiana, which also released the latest from Knoxville band Psychic Baos and for that they can be in our regional family. Clever indie pop.







Stop by Lost & Found Records and check out our Local & Regional section. There’s a lot of really cool under-the-radar stuff there.