This year’s RSD celebration will be one to remember.

Save April 18th for your favorite local Record Store Day!!

The band schedule is as follows:

Kelle Jolly at 11:45

Kelsey Rae Copeland at 12:45

Blaine Band at 1:45

Tina Tarmac & The Burns at 2:30

Webb Wilder at 3:30

Tim Lee 3 at 4:45

Black Atticus at 5:45

and Lost & Found’s own Nathan and Chad performing in their band confusingly named Cancelled at 6:30


Check out the official list here –
As is the case every year, we will not know what releases we will have until our shipment comes in. RSD uses a lottery system so small stores in little towns are just as likely as big stores in major cities to get their hands on the limited goodies.

FOOD provided by Big Fatty’s Catering Kitchen


If you can’t have fun at this there is something wrong with you.